Ordinary touched

Yingying candlelight is not very bright but very warm

The trivial matters are not worth mentioning but can touch your nerves!


They are security guards. They are guardians of order. They are called the company’s first business card.

Sometimes they send water to send parcels. When someone leaves the factory, they help arrange vehicles.

They have always been like this, silently providing people with warm services.

They are guards!


Their control of quality is very true, and the products they have inspected are free to sample.

I learned the seriousness of the big sisters and remembered that once my client had just a set of common samples,

She meticulously checked each item, had a better appearance, had better clearance, and had no scratches on the holding frame.

That morning, the big sister trod back all the way back and forth with the bearings.

They are our inspectors!


They shuttle between the workshop and the warehouse every day.

We can always see that they are busy loading.

They know best about the weight of the bearings. Their arms know that their legs know that their lumbar spine knows.

They know best about vertigo, and their bow-like body pulls on the wrap and wraps around the tray. . .

They are the creators of the packaging image, and they always give customers a satisfactory answer.

Express deep respect to these hard-loading masters!


Abstraction can become an image, intangible can become tangible, they are thinkers, and they are creators.

Customers often give special codes, and they always know the structure of the product.

I often admire their accumulation, either in their minds or in their data;

Customers always put forward a bunch of technical problems, and they always have answers. Their solutions to doubts and doubts always allow customers to cooperate with us.

With more exchanges with them, we have gradually become insiders from the outsider of the bearing;

With more cooperation with them, they know how hard they work. In order to hurry up, they often work overtime and can always come up with the customer's drawings at the required time.

Pay tribute to you, Jin Feng's technical team!


Tell a story to everyone.

I remember that time, I was going out of the dorm and I just went to the washing room and looked at the laundry.

Found a place on the clothes, opened the line, and put the clothes on the administrator's office.

When I was planning to come back, I borrowed the needlework of Daisuke, but when I came back, the clothes were well presented to me.

Daxuan is a very ordinary person, but on a rainy day, she always collects clothes for you and she is deprived of her clothes. When it is cold, she always reminds you to add more clothes...

With such a big brother, I am very warm.

The big sister is the female dormitory administrator

Oh, I love you!


When we are still asleep, they are already sitting on the company shuttle

When we have arrived home, they are still doing a summary of the day

Their brains are computers. No matter which customer or product is asked, whether it is produced or not produced, what is lacking, it is always open.

In the workshop, the newly produced products, which have lost the supply of materials, have been investigated and restructured, and they have to worry about everything.

In order to give customers accurate delivery time, they often work overtime plan, sometimes overnight.

In order to catch customers' anxious products, they repeatedly deployed schedules and tracked them on the spot, often blinking red.

In order to meet the needs of customers, no matter how many small orders, regardless of miscellaneous orders, they are patiently organized until all products are completed.

Every day, they have to face more than a dozen salesmen inquiries about the progress of many times, urging goods, check the goods.

They can always answer patiently, over and over again.

It is with their active care and dedication that we can grasp the delivery schedule so that we can face the market with confidence and face customers.

Here, I say sincerely,

You have worked hard, our production planning team.


The storeroom is her chessboard and the bearings are her pieces.

She is simply a nine-segment master who, with her eyes closed, also knows where to put the model.

She is in charge of tens of thousands of sets of bearings, and she is fully aware of the quantity and timing of her purchases.

If not, how could she create such a miracle if she did not love her profession? !

I admire you, our library manager!


Let us remember these people

Let us remember these things

There is a lot of life

Although ordinary, it is also touched!

15 May,2018