Our company holds annual summary commendation ceremony and gala

Wafangdian Jinfeng Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony was grandly held in the company's auditorium. The conference began at 13:30 PM. The leaders who attended the conference and took seats in the front row were: Executive Deputy General Manager Li Shiming, Director of Domestic Marketing Dan Shikai, Director of International Marketing Chen Yingsheng, Production Director Zhou Hongtao, Chief Financial Officer Luo Qili, Deputy Chief Engineer Guo Xiaohong and Vice President of Sales Wang Jiaxi, etc., more than 500 employees of our company's workshops and agencies participated in the conference.

The meeting was presided over by Li Shiming, executive deputy general manager. The first general manager of the company’s domestic and international sales systems, technical quality systems, and production systems took charge of the work of the system and gave a concluding speech. The outstanding employees of the year, the system pacesetter, and the staff of the gold and silver medal guarding awards were awarded prizes. Finally, the deputy general manager Li Shiming represented Yu Chuanjie, chairman of the company and made an important speech titled “Promoting Scientific Management, Creating Years of Market Development and Quality Improvement.”

In his speech, President Li expressed his congratulations on the company’s winning of the Gold Medal, the Silver Guardian Award, the outstanding employees, and the homes of the various system pacesetters. He also expressed thanks on behalf of the chairman to every family member of the company and thanked every family member. In the course of the growth of Jinfeng, the support given by the company goes hand in hand. Subsequently, Mr. Li analyzed the current situation of the bearing industry for everyone, and from the "introducing a strategic cooperation model, through the combination of strengths and strengthen the company itself, to achieve development"; "Intensify market development, pay close attention to the host supporting market, the use of advantages The platform broadened the sales channel of our company"; "gradually established and improved the design standard system, strengthened the process quality control, ensured the product quality improvement"; "improve the production management performance plan to ensure the release of production capacity"; "implemented standard cost control and implemented budget management , use ERP platform to strengthen cost control; "improve staffing, strengthen 6S management, manpower and administrative management must be hard at both hands"; "settle to address eight issues that employees care about, enhance employees' sense of belonging, and earnestly do a good job Jinfeng company Corporate culture ";"ERP comprehensive promotion" these eight major aspects of the work plan for the coming year.

More than two hours of summing up and commending the meeting ended in an atmosphere of encouragement and excitement.

At 6 o'clock in the evening, the company held a Gala dinner with the theme of “Jin Feng Meng, My Dream”. Executive Deputy General Manager Li Shiming first proposed a toast for everyone. After the grand scenes of all the company’s family toasted together, the party officially opened. prelude. A large opening dance "Happy Holidays" and the song "Wings of the Girl with Wings" is a dance full of Chinese style "Fireworks March", the song "Swan Goose", the visual department dance "Two-sided Angel", and the gentle and moving "The Lotus Pond Moonlight" "The songs and dances that were all performed by our company's staff and made their own debut, have won applause from the family. The executives of each company’s system also presented a poetry recital “The Dream of Jinfeng, Our Dream”, demonstrating Jinfeng people's ideals and confidence in making progress, innovation, and excellence.

The gala dinner ended at 8pm.


15 May,2018